I am Kira and this is my creative space. I'll tell you a bit about myself. 
I lived my life mainly between Italy, England, Finland where I am based now, and I had the chance to live some time in Czech Republic, Denmark and Portugal. I have been breathing art, design and architecture but also hot sun, cold snow, history and nature, being immersed in different cultures and enjoying the ride. I have been always very imaginative since I was a child. People, nature, places around me are my inspiration, sometimes even my dreams. I have many passions, taking pictures, books, travelling and food are among them. Friends and family are my fuel, my child is my muse.​​​​​​​​​​​
My past: I started as a graphic designer, web designer, and then I worked as UI designer and I did some Audio/Video editing work. I teached Web design and animation and I worked in a small publishing house editing books and magazines and designing book covers.   ​​​​​​​
My present: I always wanted to draw more, to paint more, to work on craft projects, and after many years using a computer I felt I was ready to go back to use my hands, as I was doing in my spare time and since I was a child. I wasn't sure how to begin to do it, until one evening my son told me a lovely story that he just invented about a cloud and a lighthouse, and that was when I decided I could use all my skills and passion to tell my stories with images and words. And here I am today. 
My future: Who knows? I like new challenges and learning new skills, It would be nice to experiment with new techniques and to master the old ones, It would be great to travel more and get inspired by all the things I see. ​​​​​​​
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